FAQ Page

Can I have multiple accounts?

  • No, Only one user account can be login at one time.

Why does my feed not play when pressing the play button?

When using ScanFeed the platform was built on Firefox so it will work best with Firefox browsers.

  • Why is there a long delay in the feed? 

The delay is caused if you have pressed the pause button, or if you are using it on your cell phone and use another app that uses the microphone it will put the feed in pause mode and unpause when done, like receiving a phone call.

  • Why can’t I hear anything?

This could happen if your feed loses connection to the network, or if there is nothing coming out of dispatch. Sometimes there are no calls coming into dispatch.

This can also happen if there was an update to our server so please Clear browsing data.

  • Continuous listening times

For those who choose to use web browsers there may be a time out after 8 hours please refresh your page if that happens and Clear browsing data. Mobile users will remain unlimited.

  • How much data does the app use?

Listening to a scanner feed for an hour uses around 14MB of data (0.014 GB).

Listening for an hour a day for 30 days would use around 420MB of data (0.4 GB).